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What is the best time to offer the Duha Prayer? What are the virtues of offering the Duha Prayer? What is the ruling of the Duha Prayer? Salat Ad-Duha is a prized prayer. Salat Ad-Duha is a prized prayer and whoever wishes to earn reward should pray it, while there is no blame upon the one who does not pray it. Abu Sa`id Al-Kudhri may Allah be pleased with him reported: “The peace be upon him would pray Duha until we thought he would never abandon it. Is it mandatory to pray the fajr prayer in a congregation for the rewards as if you did umrah of the prayer to be counted? In other words, can you go to the mosque and pray fajr alone and then do dhikr or read Quran until 15-20 min after shurooq and pray your 2-12 rakat prayer of Duha and that will suffice?

Any voluntary prayer prayed between post-sunrise and Zuhr is considered to be from the duha prayer. The duha prayer is optimally performed at mid-morning, however, there is virtue in praying immediately after sunrise as understood from the traditions hadith about this. If you are able to, do both. When is the best time to offer Duha Prayer? A Muslim may perform the Duha prayer any time from about 10 or 15 minutes after sunshine to 10 or 15 minutes before noon. However, the best time is the hottest. In Middle Eastern countries, it becomes very hot at about 9, 10, or 11 am. Zaid bin Arqam May Allah be pleased with him reported.

Assalamu'Alaykum O Rahmatullah O Barokatuh! The question should be what time to pray salatul Duha. Us after sun rise for example in London is at 07:30 after that time you can start to pray 2 rajah or 4. You can pray by two rakah like the Farj prayer or by 4 rakah like Duhur Asr Isha. All the Salah are the same there is no difference. Wed, 27 Nov 2019. Tag Archives: / Duha prayer. How and When to Pray the Duha Prayer? February 5, 2019 0 Comments.

Answer: Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu, In his Sahih v. 4, p. 190, Imam Bukhari related on the authority of Jabir who said that the Prophet Muhammad sallaAllahu alayhie wa sallam would teach the Sahabah istikharah like he would teach a chapter from the Holy Qur’an. "Whoever prays the Fajr prayer then sits in his place of prayer remembering Allah until sunrise, then prays two rak`ats of Duha, shall be rewarded as if he had performed Hajj and Umrah, with a reward that is complete, complete, complete." [Tirmidhi, hasan] Note: This. Tag Archives: / virtues of duha prayer. How and When to Pray the Duha Prayer? February 5, 2019 0 Comments.

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