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A detailed guide to fly lines and, in this particle, an in-depth guide about fly line weight and it's importance when fly fishing. Also learn which fly line weight is. Standard Fly Line Weight Charts: AFFTA Approved Fly Line Weight Specifications Standard Fly Line Weight Charts give us parameters for specific fly line sizes. We have listed the fly line weights as they relate to actual weight of the fly line in grains or grams. This is a measure of the weight of the first 30′ of fly. Fly Line Weight 7: Use this line weight for all bass fishing if you want no worries. Also works well for monster trout fishing. Hopeless overkill for average trout and panfish. This line weight is also popular for steelhead and small to medium sized salmon. Fly Line Weight 8 and Above.

Fly Line Weight Fly lines have different weights usually measured in grains. The scale runs from 1-14 14 grains make a gram where a smaller number denotes a light the fly line and vice versa. The fly fishing line weight determines the type of fly you will use and the fish you intend to catch. Fly Fishing Line Weight. Fly line weight is based on a 1-15 size spectrum, with 1 being the lightest and 15 being the heaviest. The lower line weights are best for small flies and delicate presentations, while the larger lines are made for throwing heavier and bulkier flies.

14/12/2011 · Here is a fly line wt chart that shows you the average grains of weight in the first 30 ft or head of your line. A good friend of mine Capt Dave Chouinard showed me this chart and it is a great example of how much there is to learn about fly lines. With a weight forward fly line, you will have the end attached to your backing. From there the first 50′-60′ of line is pretty much a consistent diameter with no taper at all and is called your running line. In the last 30 feet is where the taper starts and contains the bulk of the weight of the fly line, called the belly. A rod that's designed for a 14-weight line, a 14-weight line is almost like rope, and a 14-weight rod is like a pool cue. They are designed to cast a big fly a short distance, like when you tease up a marlin, tuna, or a sailfish to a boat - you tease them up close to a boat and you throw that big fly and from then on in, its a fish fighting tool. Assembling a balanced fly fishing rig is as easy as matching the numbers on the fly line to the numbers on the fly reel and fly rod. For instance, you would match an Ultra 4 5-weight fly line with a 5-weight fly rod, and you’d spool it on a 4/5/6 fly reel.

Scientific Anglers produces the world's best fly lines, leaders, and tippet, along with fly fishing accessories, reels, outfits, and more. Best Fly Line for Catching Trout. Fly Fishing Tips. And if you want to throw some serious metal, you need a fly line that can handle all that weight. You need the Airflo Nymph Indicator fly line. This aggressively nymph-friendly fly line was designed by hardcore fly rodder Kelly Galloup. Fly rods are designed to cast fly lines of a specific weight. Fly line weights vary from 1 weight to 15 weight using standards established by the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association. A 5 weight fly line is designed to match up with a 5 weight fly rod. Fly fishing line weight of 1 to 3 is used for small trout and panfish. 4 to 5 weight fly line is best for freshwater bass, and trout. 6 and 7 weight line is good for bass, bonefish, pike, stripers, and trout. 8 and 9 weight fly fishing line is used for bluefish, bonefish, salmon of all species, and stripers.

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